A Speech & Language Therapy Toolkit

Empowering education staff to develop the communication skills of all children from age two through to young adulthood

Verbo is powered by NHS staff

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Created by NHS Speech and language therapists, Verbo provides a toolkit for early years, primary, secondary and post-16 settings

We aim to support education staff and speech and language therapists with instant access to:

  • Screening tools with automatically generated targets
  • A huge content library including video modeling and ready-to-go resources
  • Bitesize staff training webinars delivered by Speech and Language Therapists
  • Target monitoring
  • Bespoke data reporting
  • Opportunity to speak to a Speech and Language Therapist
  • Ability to share targets and resources with parents/carers

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Screening tools and target setting

Screeners for different ages, from age two up to post-16. These automatically generate targets with associated recommended content. Staff can select targets to work towards goals.

A huge content library

This includes video modeling from Speech and Language Therapists with downloadable resources. There is a range of interventions suitable for individual, group and whole class teaching.

Staff training webinars

Instant access, bitesize staff training webinars delivered by a Speech and Language Therapist. These can be watched multiple times at a time that is convenient.

Data reporting

Verbo provides bespoke data reports at a setting and regional level. This shows reach, progress towards targets, impact of content on staff practice and much more.

Opportunity to speak to a Speech and Language Therapist

Verbo has a built in in-app calling feature to link settings with local Speech and Language Therapy services. Settings can also access support from the Verbo NHS team.

Access for parents/carers

Settings can set up parent/carer accounts to share targets, associated videos, activities and resources to try at home.

Verbo is suitable for

Verbo's features can be used flexibly to support staff working across different age groups to set functional targets and implement individual, small group and whole class interventions.

Early Years

2-3 year old screener, webinar series on Adult Child Interaction, communication environment audit, training webinars on multilingualism, speech sounds and many more!


Screeners for EYFS through to KS2 support early identification. Explore primary specific content such as developing sentence structure, vocabulary and early social skills.


Explore secondary specific content such as transition support (Y7 and Y11), emotional regulation and communication skills to support independence.

Post 16

Staff screener with recommended interventions with resources for post-16 as well as a young person log that captures pupil voice and priorities.

Who Verbo can support

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Verbo provides universal resources that can be used with all pupils across a setting, as well as targeted resources for those with identified speech, language and communication needs.

For pupils with specialist needs, it is important to refer to your local Speech and Language Therapy service. Verbo may have some advice and ideas to get started or support while you wait for specialist input.

Specialist support for A FEW pupils

As well as the support provided at a universal and targeted level, Verbo provides:

  • Resources to support the pupils whilst waiting for referrals or more specialist support
  • Information leaflets
  • Option to discuss cases with a therapist

Targeted support for SOME pupils

As well as the support provided at a universal level, Verbo provides:

  • Individualised targets and recommended resources
  • Target tracking and pupil progress
  • Data monitoring at an individual pupil level
  • Consultative case discussion with a therapist
  • Optional bespoke training with a therapist

Universal support for ALL pupils

  • Screening tools
  • Environment audits
  • Staff training
  • Whole class interventions e.g. vocabulary teaching
  • Information leaflets
  • Ability to share information with parents
  • Data monitoring at a whole school level
  • Consultative whole setting planning session with a Speech and Language Therapist

Verbo is powered by NHS professionals