Verbo upskills staff to maximise the communication potential of children and young people.

Why Verbo

Verbo is actively being used in over 300 schools and available to over 550 who are currently onboarding
860 pupils have already been screened with over 1000 current active targets
Verbo is being adopted by individual schools, Local Authorities/County Councils, Integrated Care Boards and Speech and Language Therapy teams

Who we are working with

Screening tools and target setting

Screeners for different ages, from age two up to post-16. These automatically generate targets with associated recommended content. Staff can select targets to work towards goals.

A huge content library

This includes video modeling from Speech and Language Therapists with downloadable resources. There is a range of interventions suitable for individual, group and whole class teaching.

Staff training webinars

Instant access, bitesize staff training webinars delivered by a Speech and Language Therapist. These can be watched multiple times at a time that is convenient.

Data reporting

Verbo provides bespoke data reports at a setting and regional level. This shows reach, progress towards targets, impact of content on staff practice and much more.

Opportunity to speak to a Speech and Language Therapist

Verbo has a built in in-app calling feature to link settings with local Speech and Language Therapy services. Settings can also access support from the Verbo NHS team.

Access for parents/carers

Settings can set up parent/carer accounts to share targets, associated videos, activities and resources to try at home.

What is Verbo?

Verbo is an online speech and language therapy toolkit that empowers education staff to support children and young people’s communication skills.

Communication skills are vital for all children and young people, with a wide-reaching impact on academic attainment, employment prospects and emotional well-being. Evidence shows us that a communication rich environment and upskilled staff are essential in supporting pupils to achieve their potential. 

Our aim is to ensure every child and young person has the opportunity to maximise their communication potential by accessing the right support at the right time.

Verbo can help education staff in settings have instant access to speech and language tools.

Verbo can support Speech and Language Therapists by providing universal and targeted resources and training, enabling their limited time to be focused on delivering the direct input the only they can provide. 

Early identification, built in target tracking and data reporting can also support with better quality referrals.

Click to hear what our users have to say about Verbo

Hear what our users have to say about Verbo

The Verbo Team

The Verbo platform has been developed by a team of Speech and Language Therapists at Homerton Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust, in collaboration with a tech team at Blum Health Ltd. Verbo was first funded by NIHR and the Knowledge Assets Grant Fund to address the increasing need for speech and language support in schools. We are grateful to the schools and education staff to date who have provided invaluable feedback and ideas throughout the development of Verbo.

The Verbo team are proud to be nominated as finalists for:

  • The Chief Allied Health Professional Awards 2023
  • The Health Service Journal Driving Efficiency Through Technology Award 2023

Verbo is powered by NHS professionals