Feedback from our users

Watch this video to hear in person from a range of our Verbo users

“Verbo is super user friendly, I’m really grateful for the videos, to be able to see therapy in practice and know what to do”

Teaching assistant

“Verbo is a great way of bringing support to children without needing to wait”


“Verbo is such great value for money, unlimited content and access to CPD that staff can access at any time. Accessing this is usually really expensive”


“Verbo has been very positively received by the schools that I work in. It will make such a difference to me as a therapist as I can sign post staff to so many amazing resources”


“The staff training are quick and easy to access. I’ve got a new teaching assistant in my class, they will really help her gain knowledge”


“Really helpful for teachers who don’t always see the interventions running”


“Verbo is so helpful for my time management as a SENCO”


“It’s been great to speak to a speech and language therapist, we don’t have one at the moment”


Verbo is powered by NHS professionals